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You're here because you're looking for a mental edge.

Even when you google “What’s the best gaming energy drink?”, you’ll find it hard to find high-quality products meant specially for gamers.

We know how important it is to stay alert when you're playing those intense games. You need to be able to maintain focus and make those split-second decisions that will get you ahead—and we get that. That's why we created Headshot™.

It's not a coincidence that its name comes from headshot kills in first-person shooter games: Headshot™ energy drink was created for gamers by gamers. 

The Best Energy Drink for Gaming with Zero Side Effects!

Our products boost your focus and energy during long gaming sessions without the crash or jitters that come from caffeine-based drinks. Let's not stop there. Headshot™ also provides daily multivitamins that boost your immune support system, so you have less downtime, making Headshot™ different from other energy and focus drinks.

Headshot™ is loaded with four key nootropics—alpha-GPC, CDP-choline, choline bitartrate, and huperzine A—all ingredients work together to enhance mental performance by improving focus, memory, learning ability, creativity, mood, and more!

Headshot™ lasts up to five hours with no crash so you can be at your peak of mental focus during an intense gaming session, work, or even school!

Gaming Energy Drink with Nootropics: What Does This Mean for You?

🎯 It means that when you're playing an intense round of Overwatch and your team needs you, you can keep up without feeling like a zombie later on.

🎯 It means that whenever you need to get things done or make decisions quickly, you can rely on Headshot™ instead of coffee or soda. 

🎯 It means you'll feel more alert and ready to take on whatever life throws at you!

Headshot™ Products Available

Headshot Blue Raz

Are you sick of those typical energy drink flavors? Try our delicious Headshot™ Blue Raz. With a hint of tart and all the electricity of blue razz. It’s a true gamers game choice!

Whether you're killing zombies, saving the world, or just looking for a tasty gaming energy drink to take your performance up a notch, the new Headshot™ Blue Raz is for you! 

This blend packs more punch than regular energy drinks but is still smooth and refreshing to drink. Headshot™ Blue Raz will have you feeling like an all-star and leave your friends in awe with your pro-level performance.

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Headshot Green Apple

For those who want a refreshing new taste with a hint of sour, try Headshot™ Green Apple. This gaming energy drink’s classic flavor will take you back to your childhood days while providing the necessary energy boost to help you focus on playing your best!

From the first gulp, you’ll notice improved stamina, focus, and mental acuity while gaming. Headshot™ Green Apple powdered energy drink has a smooth finish that won't leave you feeling jittery or weighed down. So game on with a dash of sour that helps wake up your tastebuds and your senses.

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Message From the Founder

Nibori | Founder of HEADSHOT | Avid Gamer | Fitness Enthusiast | Twitch and Youtube Partner

I was introduced to energy drinks by one of my friends while we were playing Call of Duty for hours. I found myself getting tired quickly and losing focus during super intense matches and thought it would be a good idea to chug an energy drink before going into a game. This is where my journey started.

Eventually, I got tired of drinking energy drinks that made me feel like crap. The ones that were supposed to give me more energy actually made me feel tired and sluggish—and a lot of people are experiencing the same thing. As time went on, I found myself wanting energy drinks more often but the available options still didn't provide the focus and energy that's required for gaming for long hours.

After doing some research, I found that most energy drinks just have caffeine as their main ingredient. Some of them contain nootropics, but they're barely there, so they don't have much effect as the dosage was a bare minimum.

It always bothered me that plenty of energy drinks on the market contain only caffeine and sugar, or at best a few vitamins and minerals. So I decided to create my own brand, one that gives essential health benefits without the side effects and won't make you crash later. This is how Headshot™ came about!

My team and I worked hard to create a well-thought-out vitamin blend that supports your immune system so you can perform at the top of your game.

And because I want my customers to know they're getting a high-quality product made in America with ingredients they can trust, we proudly make all of our products right here in our very own facility!

On Gaming

I'm just like you: I love gaming, and I have since I was a kid. I eventually started streaming live on Twitch.tv and creating Youtube content that evolved into myself becoming a partnered Twitch streamer and full-time Youtuber for over 5 years. I've played everything from FPS to RPGs, and I'm always looking for my next challenge with ways to improve my skill.

But now that I'm older and have more responsibilities, it's harder for me to find time for gaming—and when I do get a chance to play, my mind isn't as sharp as it used to be. Headshot™ solves that!

Headshot™ helps gamers like me stay focused while playing their favorite games and gives them an edge against other players who might not be taking care of themselves as well as they should be while playing their favorite games like Fortnite or Valorant.

Apart from the mental focus it provides for my gaming, Headshot™ also helps me get more out of my workday and feel better throughout the day.

I know you will enjoy Headshot™ as much as we do!

See what all the Headshot™ HYPE is all about!

Get your hands on this revolutionary new energy drink today and unleash your true gaming potential! Give Headshot™ a try and see why thousands of hardcore gamers claim it's one of the best energy drinks for gaming!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) prospects ask before becoming avid patrons:

Q: What sets Headshot™ apart from other brands?

A: Unlike most powdered energy drinks on the market, Headshot™ is designed specifically with gamers in mind. Our formula uses carefully chosen ingredients to give you the boost you need to stay focused and competitive during long gaming sessions.

Typical energy drinks are mostly filled with caffeine and nothing else, Headshot™ has been specially formulated to deliver not only the caffeine that keeps you going, but also nootropic ingredients that can help improve your focus, memory retention, and mental clarity. 

Q: How did you come up with the name "Headshot"?

A: When we were developing this product, one thing was clear: we wanted a name that would make gamers feel like they had already won. We decided on Headshot™ because it's got a great ring to it, and we think it gets across the idea of taking down your opponent with one blow.

Q: How do I use Headshot™?

A: Just mix 1 scoop of this gaming drink with 20 ounces of water or any other beverage of your choice! It's important to drink plenty of water while using this product. You can also mix 2 scoops into 64 ounces of water or any other beverage of your choice so you can sip and enjoy the benefits of Headshot™ all day. You can even add it to your favorite smoothie!

Q: What does Headshot™ taste like?

A: Headshot gaming energy drink comes in two flavors. We taste-tested all of our options, and we think that Blue Raz is a great flavor for those looking for a tarty citrus kick that is not overpowering.

On the other hand, Green Apple has a refreshing green apple taste with a hint of sourness that's ideal for those who prefer fruity flavors. Its the perfect pick-me-up when you need a boost but don't want something overly sweet or syrupy tasting in order to get through your day!

Q: What is Headshot’s shelf life of this product?

A: The shelf life of Headshot™ is up to two years after opening. keeping Headshot in your refrigerator assures no moisture gets into the Headshot you can store it in your refrigerator. 

Q: How many servings are in each Headshot™ container?

A: Each Headshot™ tub holds 30 servings (net weight: 246 grams).

Q: What are all of Headshot™ ingredients for?

They are carefully selected ingredients intended to help you power through with the right mix of performance ingredients. Headshot™ is a no-fuss option to replace your morning coffee or midday soda, with its convenient quick dissolve formula delivering you the perfect amount of caffeine in every serving. 

This unique and powerful combination leads to more efficient signal transmission between neurons which improves cognitive performance and concentration levels!

You can find more information about Headshot™ ingredients on this page.

Q: How much caffeine is in each serving of Headshot™?

A: Each serving has 200mg of caffeine and other energizing ingredients like B-vitamins and L-Taurine, helping your body absorb and use it more efficiently—so you can feel the effects faster and longer than with other energy drinks on the market today!

Q: What nootropics are in Headshot™?

A: Headshot is loaded with a lot of nootropics, including four main ones: alpha-GPC, CDP-choline, choline bitartrate, and huperzine A. 

These nootropics have been shown to enhance mental performance, focus, and more. This is what makes Headshot™ perfect for high-intensity gaming and other mentally-demanding activities.

Q: Can I mix Headshot™ in something other than water?

A: While we don’t recommend mixing Headshot™ in anything other than water (because the flavors are already great!), there are no restrictions on what you can mix the product with.

Q: Can I take Headshot™ every day?  

A: Yes, You shouldn't consume more than two servings of Headshot™ powdered energy drink per day, and you should never mix it with alcohol.

Q: Can I take more than one serving of Headshot™ per day? 

A: Yes, you can take more than one serving of Headshot™. However, we recommend spacing them out by at least 4 hours (for example, 2PM and 6PM).

Q: Is Headshot™ safe for kids?

A: While Headshot™ contains nutrients that are beneficial to kids, it’s not recommended for children under 18 years old, as it contains caffeine which can be harmful to them. If you have kids under 18 who want to use Headshot™, please consult a medical professional first.

While there are no known side effects, Headshot™ is not recommended for children, pregnant women, or breastfeeding mothers.

Q: How do I know if I'm getting enough of the vitamins and nutrients I need?

A: You can find out with just one simple glance at the tub. We provide you with comprehensive nutritional information so you can see exactly how much of each ingredient is in every serving of Headshot™—no hidden ingredients, no surprises. 

Q: Can I take Headshot™ with my medications? 

A: We want you to feel better, not worse! We advise you not to mix your medication with Headshot™ unless you’re under the care of a physician. 

Q: Can I take Headshot™ as a pre-workout?

A: Headshot™ is not a pre-workout supplement. But if you're looking for a great way to boost your energy and focus at the gym, then yes! Headshot™ powdered energy drink is the perfect complement to any workout regimen. It's also a great alternative if want something without the crash caused by traditional pre-workouts.