Strife Esports wins Fl0m Cup 2023

It’s official, the Strife Esports team is on top of the world as they have claimed victory in the fl0m Mythic Cup! We at Headshot Energy couldn’t be more thrilled to see our sponsored team dominate the competition. The team’s hard work, dedication and focus are an inspiration to us all, and we are honoured to have been a part of their journey. 

( sourced link from Mythic Reborn : Tweet source here )

In case you live under a rock, the fL0M Cup is an open-invitation CSGO tournament that was organized by the Mythic League in partnership with their very own competitive Counter Strike player and Twitch streamer. Several CSGO competitive teams duke it out against each other to win the tournament for glory and the chance to win $4,000 for first place, and second, taking home $2,000. This wild event was streamed live, not only from Fl0m’s point-of-view but also shout cast on the MythicLeague Twitch Channel.


Strife is a Canadian professional gaming organization established in 2021. Ever since Strife's creation, they have strived to be the best in the CSGO scene. They previously won Fragadelphia 16 and were a contender in the ESL Challenger League. 

Jolz closed out the grand final with a bang pulling in a juicy 3k with an ending map score of 16-3 on Overpass. Jolz pulled in an impressive 42 eliminations but don't for a second discredit the teamwork and cohesiveness of Strife.

1st  strife-esports Strife $4,000


  Vendetta $2,000


 Evil Geniuses Black -


 Nouns Esports -


6th  Disconnected -
7th  Davenport University -
8th  Detonate -


You might ask yourself how Strife managed to keep composure, a clear head and crispy shots during their matches with a wild win streak. 

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